Izharia Ingeniería is developing the construction engineering of two 220/30 kV lift substations in Badajoz for the multinational X-Elio

– June 2019

Izharia Ingeniería is developing the construction engineering of two 220/30 kV lift substations in Badajoz for the multinational X-Elio that will evacuate the energy produced by plants called Talarrubias 1 and 2. Promoted by the companies Mursolar 19 and Mursolar 24, these plants will have a total area of 123.8 ha and 106.8 ha respectively, with a total installed power of 85.80 MW.

Izharia, se ha propuesto, que su personal no sólo sea feliz haciendo proyectos sino que en la medida de lo posible se encuentre feliz trabajando para ello, hemos decidido tratar a nuestra gente tan bien como tratan a sus clientes.

– June 2019

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– May 2019

IZHARIA engineering is developing to Aurinka international and Industrial OHL full detail of 5 substation engineering and lines of evacuation of 220 kV in the town of Tabernas (Almería). In total there are 4 substations lifts for each of the following so-called photovoltaic plants: PFV the goat of 50 MW, PFV taverns I of 50 MW, PFV taverns 50 MWy 30 MW EGA II. Also includes cutting substation that will collect the energy produced by all of them. In total, they will add 180 MW of power which will be evacuated through the taverns ST 220 kV electric network Spain. With this important project, Izharia engineering manages to position itself as a reference in Spain engineering in the development of infrastructure for the disposal of photovoltaic parks.

– April 2019

Izharia engineering is developing engineering of substation Busbar Muniesa promoters 400/220 kV for our customer Sistem Melesur, awarded with the works of construction of Enel Green Power. The substation is located in the town of Muniesa, province of Teruel. With a cost estimate of 3.3 million euros, is expected to finish work by February 2019. These facilities will be shared by the wind farms: Muniesa, Farlán, San Pedro de Alacón, Allueva, Sierra Pelarda, Sierra de Oriche, Pedregales, Piedrahita, El Castillo, Cañaseca, Los Gigantes, Tico, Las Majas VII, Hilada Honda, Segura II, Segura I, Monforte I, Monforte II, La Rocha I and La Rocha II. The substation will be ready to host three autotransformers with a total rated power of 1.150 MVA.

– March 2019

Our CEO and General Director awarded with the European prize in the category "Entrepreneur Woman" by the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness

– February 2019

IZHARIA ENGINEERING has collaborated with our customer NATURGY, in the development of Picón I y II photovoltaic engineering with its substations and lines of evacuation in Ciudad Real.

IZHARIA defends a policy in favor of the welfare of its workers

– December 2018

The fact that the staff can benefit from measures that favors an excellent working environment, beneficial to all the members of the company, and according to each one of the circumstances and particular needs, is fundamental for IZHARIA. This has helped the company to differentiate itself from competition and achieve corporate excellence, always thinking of its human team, which are what forms and advance the organization.

IZHARIA Ingeniería has developed, for our client NATURGY, the wind farm engineering in Spain

– December 2018

IZHARIA Ingeniería has developed, for our client NATURGY (formerly Gas Natural Fenosa), the wind farm engineering in Spain for a total of 223.87 MW. This power represents more than a third of the 667 MW that were awarded to NATURGY in the auction carried out by the Government of Spain in May 2017.

– October 2018

Izharia Ingeniería finished the constructive engineering of the Wind Farm El Merengue for our client Naturgy. El Merengue is the first wind farm in Extremadura, Caceres province, it has a total of 17 wind turbines and total power of 39,1 MW. Although It is still in the foundations construction, the wind turbines installation will start soon.