The Expert Opinion is known as the document in which annotations and thorough conclusions conducted by the expert are reflected. It must be drafted simply, detailed and understandable, in which the description of “the thing” is included with some data of interest and obviating unimportant aspects. It must reflect the situation clearly and concisely in order to be understood and correctly processed by the Judge, without technicalities that lead to understanding difficulties.

It must be taken on account that this document will serve as assessment for the lawyers at the time of making the evidence in court, so that the main aim of the opinion is the exact transcription of what it was ordered, objectively clarifying the evidence.

Izharia’s technical staff has a wide experience in development of different kinds of expert opinions.


  • Identity of the person requesting the case
  • Purpose and targets to reach (explicitly or implicitly)
  • Witness purposes taking on account the truthfulness of the witnesses
  • Documents to be submitted about the case
  • Studies with criteria, analysed and synthesized
  • Conclusions and final resolution