We have highly qualified and experienced staff in providing integral solutions for solar photovoltaic and wind power solutions, both onshore and offshore, of low, medium and high scale.


We are specialized in design, assessment and assistance during all the execution phases of the photovoltaic project, both at national and international level

  • Site Engineering and Basic Engineering for tendering process
  • Low and medium voltage cabling calculation according to international standards
  • Energy production studies and losses due to shading
  • Development of technical specifications of equipment and systems for the purchasing process
  • Complete detailed engineering: electromechanical, communications, protection and control and civil works


We can design, assess and assist during all the phases of the project of any wind power plant, onshore or offshore, with medium or high voltage interconnections.

  • Grid connection point analysis and Grid Connection Requirements studies
  • Basic engineering for the collector system and the transmission system (both underground and submarine)
  • Losses calculation and statistical production study
  • Development of technical specifications of equipment and systems for the purchasing process
  • Reactive power compensation, flicker and harmonic content studies
  • Fault Ride Through Studies



Izharia’s team has developed wind power prediction software based on models of different order and complexity that provides punctual or probabilistic predictions of the total power for a concrete region. This software tool, especially interesting for TSO’s and market agents tendering aggregate power, needs few input data and can handle wind forecasts from different agencies, making an optimal wind combination in order to optimize the power prediction. Below, it can be seen some of its main characteristics:

  • Specially optimized for regional or aggregate prediction
  • Very fast algorithms (just a few seconds or minutes)
  • It needs very few data inputs
  • Low prediction error
  • It can be used for prediction in single wind power plants
  • Automatic adaptation in a changing environment (climatic conditions, wind power plants characteristics)
  • It doesn’t need any supervision

It calculates predictions each time any data input is updated