Izharia in favor of the welfare of human team

IZHARIA defends a policy in favor of the welfare of its workers

– December 2018

The fact that the staff can benefit from measures that favors an excellent working environment, beneficial to all the members of the company, and according to each one of the circumstances and particular needs, is fundamental for IZHARIA. This has helped the company to differentiate itself from competition and achieve corporate excellence, always thinking of its human team, which are what forms and advance the organization.

Among the measures that are already being carried out by IZHARIA, are the change of schedule by legal guardianship, flexibility due to illness or of the child or to go to the doctor, the flexible schedule of entry and exit from the workplace or the business dining room, among others.

Although the staff is very young and largely exempted from family “burdens”. Measures such as teleworking or financing training, are added when creating that positive corporate image. 40% of the workforce are women, the majority of whom are engineers.

All these corporate decisions try to provide employees with their family/personal reconciliation with respect to work and offer a working environment as ideal as possible for each and every one of them. Here are some examples:

Patxi Valedespino, Engineer at IZHARIA, teleworks in Bilbao, while the company’s offices are located in Madrid: “I feel valued by the company and very happy to be part of a company that supports teleworking. Personally, along with the obvious personal advantages it offers, I consider this measure also helps in protecting the environment, by saving daily commuting with its impacts, throughout the year. ”

Patxi Valdespino, in the offices of Izharia, Las Rozas (Madrid)

Silvia Cristea, belongs to the Department of Administration and General Services, and now, thanks to a Training Grant from IZHARIA, she is receiving training financed by the house: “The fact that IZHARIA offers me the training allows me to continue working for the company. During that time, I learn to be more effective and employable and, therefore, improve professionally within the company. ”

Silvia Cristea, in the offices of Izharia, Las Rozas (Madrid)

Alberto Ave, Engineer in Izharia: “Teleworking in Galicia has been a before and after in my life – and my wife’s! – In addition to an improvement in our services to customers with assets in this area. Now our answers are immediate and we can personally attend meetings with a sense of urgency. Also, as a Galician, I was able to return to my homeland with my wife, who, for work reasons, spent long periods here, with the separation, that implied, we were still living in Madrid. In short, being able to telecommute has meant a perfect family reconciliation that I greatly appreciate and that I return to IZHARIA with great dedication and commitment to the company. ”

Alberto Ave, teleworking in the office of his house in Galicia

Step by step, IZHARIA is moving forward and making the improvement for its human team a reality. We have all our workers to achieve it.