IZHARIA Ingeniería has developed, for our client NATURGY, the wind farm engineering in Spain

– December 2018

IZHARIA Ingeniería has developed, for our client NATURGY (formerly Gas Natural Fenosa), the wind farm engineering in Spain for a total of 223.87 MW. This power represents more than a third of the 667 MW that were awarded to NATURGY in the auction carried out by the Government of Spain in May 2017.

Among them, the following projects stand out:

PE Peña Forcada – Catasol, of 7.5 MW in La Coruña.

PE Mouriños of 9.64 MW in La Coruña.

PE Monte Tourado – Eixe of 36 MW in La Coruña.

PE Pastoriza – Rodeiro of 45.00 MW in Lugo.

PE Iron Expansion of 44.13 MW in Zamora.

PE The Merengue of 39.10 MW in Cáceres.

PE San Agustín of 35.00 MW in Teruel and Zaragoza.

PE 7.7 MW Montejo Expansion in Burgos.

In addition, IZHARIA has also participated in the bidding and consulting engineering of its evacuation infrastructures, including:

Lift Substation of San Agustín PE

Lift Substation of the PE Expansion of the Iron

Substation lift of the PE Ampliación Montejo

Lift Substation of PE Peña Forcada-Catasol

At IZHARIA we are proud to inform that in the last two years we have developed the engineering of more than 1 GW of power in Renewable Energies, both in national and international projects. This shows how IZHARIA INGENIERÍA has strengthened its presence in the renewable energy sector, becoming a strategic partner for the correct construction of the parks and evacuation infrastructures. All this, thanks to its long experience in generation, transport and distribution of energy.