Modernization of Hydroelectric Power Plant of The Yeguadita in Panama.

– March 2018

In January, Global Power Generation conducted in Panamá the first boot of the Yeguadita hydroelectric Central after its modernization, which consisted of installing a small hydraulic, modern and automated, increasing its power by 30%.

His performance be achieved efficiently leverage the hydraulic conditions of the complex which has been running since 1967.Modernization is to optimize the efficiency of the turbine unit and its comprehensive renovation, including a new system of monitoring and control for remote operation of the unit.

Safety has been fundamental in its specification and design, assembly and commissioning underway, culminating without accidents. Installation reduces the levels of noise (87 dB), the remote operation of electrical equipment and installation of redundancies in the safety of plant equipment.

It has invested $ 1 mm, including new equipment, tools and spare parts, improvements in the infrastructure of the central, network distribution, communications and DC power system among others.

It´s the first step of the modernization project that will culminate in 2019, when there will finish the labors of modernization of the units 1 and 2 of the same emplacement.