Izharia ingeniería is a young and dynamic company, with innovative ideas and solutions, specialized and oriented to meet customer requirements; a Spanish company that provides engineering and consulting solutions offering to industry its technical capabilities in the fields of electrical engineering and civil works.

Focused in serving to the generation, transport and distribution of electrical energy sector as well as to the renewable energy sector, Izharia encompasses the experience of a select group of professionals with more than 20 year experience in the electrical sector, with the goal of offering companies and clients a quick and flexible response in form of high quality technical services.

In Izharia Ingeniería we are convinced that knowledge and talent are critical to the development of any high level.engineering project.  They contribute to respond proactively and with a high added value to the needs of our customers and, therefore, both guide our company policy.


To offer each client an optimal solution to their projects accompanied by a service that suits both, needs and expectations.


To become an outstanding company in its compliance with the recognized industry standards and recognized by our quality, sustainable development and respect and adaptation to the environment.


Izharia has in all its projects a spirit of collaboration, a responsible and ethical attitude and a flexible disposition to obtain results as in due, with full warranty and competitiveness.